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10/15/2018 05:00Ukraine preparing to resist Russia in Azov Sea, - Poroshenko    ( 112 International (blog) )
Ukraine is preparing to resist Russian aggression in the Sea of Azov. ... south and east, as well as in the Black and Azov Seas and in the Kerch Strait.
10/13/2018 05:55Poroshenko signed a decree on the protection of national interests in the Black sea and the Azov sea    ( The Siver Post )
In particular, at the meeting of the national security Council said that Russia is ... of the international treaties on cooperation in the sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait. It was noted that Russia's actions aimed at limiting fishing in Ukraine.
10/12/2018 19:25Throughput of Russian seaports in 9M'18 grew by 4% YoY to 604.2 million tonnes (detalization)    ( PortNews IAA )
In January-September 2018, seaports of Russia handled 604.2 million ... Taman - 10.2 million tonnes (-7.2%), Kerch - 6.3 million tonnes (-9.2%).
10/11/2018 18:30Ukraine preparing provocation against Russian border guards in Sea of Azov — source    ( TASS )
Regardless of lawful and professional activities of the Russian border guards who ensure safety of navigation in the Kerch Strait, the Sea of Azov and ...
10/10/2018 11:00Ukraine accuses Russia of violating UN maritime law    (The Koz Telegram)
The Ukrainian army should lead the military, who fought in the Donbas, not the Soviet generals ... - The Koz Telegram
10/09/2018 02:21Oleksandr Rehula, commander of Kremenchuk armored artillery boat    ( Ukrinform. Ukraine and world news )
RUSSIANS MISSED UKRAINIAN BOATS IN THE PLAIN SIGHT ... you have reached the very Kerch Strait with being even unnoticed by the Russians.
09/29/2018 08:05Ukrainian warships break Russian de-facto blockade in Azov Sea to create naval base    (The Koz Telegram)
The United States condemned the actions of Russia in the Azov sea – 24 Channel - The Koz Telegram
09/28/2018 05:40With US and British Support, Ukraine Pushes Back on Russian Aggression in the Sea of Azov    (Kyiv Post)
Ukraine accepts two US patrol boats after 4 years of bureaucratic blockades - Kyiv Post
09/27/2018 12:40US Gives Ukraine Two Cutters as Kerch Strait Tensions Grow    (112 International (blog))
Protecting sovereignty - How to resist Russian pressure in Sea of Azov? - 112 International (blog)
09/26/2018 17:35Russian diplomat warns scrapping Sea of Azov treaty will backfire on Ukraine    ( TASS )
Based on this pact, which went into effect on April 23, 2004, the two countries defined the status of the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait recognizing ...
09/26/2018 17:35Ukrainian vessels pass through Kerch Strait to homeport on Sea of Azov    (The Hill)
Coast Guard transferring two armed cutters to Ukraine - The Hill
09/22/2018 01:40Has Russia Given Up on the West?    (Ukrinform. Ukraine and world news)
EU paying special attention to Russia's blockade in Sea of Azov, Lithuania says - Ukrinform. Ukraine and world news
09/20/2018 07:25The rupture of the contract with Russia: Three million Ukrainian citizens were left without protection    ( The Siver Post )
The rupture of the contract with Russia: Three million Ukrainian citizens .... the contract on cooperation in use of Azov sea and Kerch Strait of 2003.
09/19/2018 03:25Report: Russia, Ukraine on Brink of War    ( TruNews )
Under a 2003 agreement between Russia and Ukraine, the Azov Sea and the adjoining Strait of Kerch are considered international waters for both ...
09/16/2018 04:45The new war front of the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine    (112 International (blog))
The Russian Federation intends to occupy the Sea of Azov in the same way as it occupied the ... - 112 International (blog)
09/15/2018 22:25US considers Russian presence in the Sea of Azov as provocative and aggressive step    ( 112 International (blog) )
Russians do not allow the trade vessels heading to and emerging from the Ukrainian ports to freely pass through the Kerch Strait. In this regard ...
09/12/2018 02:20Throughput of Russian seaports in 8M'18 grew by 3.4% YoY to 535.6 million tonnes (detalization)    ( PortNews IAA )
In January-August 2018, seaports of Russia handled 535.6 million tonnes of ... Taman - 8.7 million tonnes (-12.3%), Kerch - 5.6 million tonnes (-7.9%).
09/11/2018 04:45Ukraine asks for its fleet to be sunk in Sea of Azov    ( Pravda )
US officials provide diplomatic support to Kiev condemning Russia's efforts to block international navigation in the Sea of Azov as well as in the Kerch ...
09/10/2018 13:20Daily Digest: Top news of Monday, Sept. 10    ( Kyiv Post )
A severe storm in the Kerch Strait early in the morning of Sept. ... yard of their burning family mansion and then escapes to Russia with her daughter ...
09/07/2018 05:15Russia should ensure unhindered access to Ukrainian ports in Sea of Azov - EU    (Kyiv Post)
Russia should ensure unhindered access to Ukrainian ports in Sea of Azov – EU delegation to ... - Kyiv Post


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